Body Sugaring

What is sugaring?

Sugaring is a form of hair removal. The sugar paste is made of sugar, lemon & water. The paste is applied to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth and is removed in the direction of growth. The sugar is applied by hand at room temperature, eliminating the need for sticks & strips

Benefits of sugaring

  • Natural ingredients
  • Adheres to dead skin cells only, therefore exfoliating the skin
  • Less abrasive than waxing
  • No lingering pain or discomfort
  • Sugar is heated to room temperature so no chance of burning
  • Sugaring is safe during pregnancy
  • Sugaring prevents & eliminates ingrown hairs as the sugar exfoliates and removes dead skin
  • Eventually the hair follicle depletes so the hair come back thinner and fewer each time

Tips before your appointment

  • For your first time it’s recommended to have at least two weeks of growth, for legs it’s recommended three weeks.
  • The hair must be at least the length of a grain of rice Do not exfoliate the day of your appointment.
  • Numbing cream can be used. Apply in 1- 1 1/2 hours before your appointment
  • Avoid wearing deodorant if you are getting underarms sugared or any lotions the day of your appointment
  • If the hair is too long, please trim it before your appointment
  • For males sugaring back or chest please bring a clean T-shirt with you


  • No tanning, exercise, or hot tubs for 24 hours
  • Do not exfoliate for 48 hours after your appointment. It’s important that you exfoliate 3 times a week to eliminate ingrown hairs an ensure your skin stays soft & smooth
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